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The cost benefits of renting a torque wrench vs. owning one

Renting a torque wrench can save money in many ways. Renting helps avoid purchase, maintenance and storage costs altogether. It is easy to choose the right torque wrench and reaction arm to rent.

There may only be occasional need for a certain kind of torque wrench and predicting that need may be challenging. When the need is temporary, it is smart to rent the torque wrench. For example, for more extensive maintenance work or the transfer of a production line, it is advisable to rent the torque wrenches, particularly if the job requires more than one type of tool.

Owning a torque wrench can result in unnecessary costs

Owning a wrench requires taking care of regular maintenance and calibration, not to mention storage and upkeep, which also generate costs.

In many companies, torque wrenches are only used for annual maintenance. In that case, the purchase price is relatively high in relation to the number of times the tool is used. In a factory, the tasks requiring a torque wrench may vary greatly, due to which more than one type of wrench may be needed. It is usually more affordable and convenient to rent a suitable torque wrench than to purchase, maintain and store multiple wrenches.

Renting a torque wrench for temporary use can be significantly cheaper than buying one

If the need for torque wrenches is temporary or if several different wrenches are needed, renting is often much more cost-effective than buying. For those considering the purchase of a torque wrench, renting provides an easy way of testing different wrenches and facilitates making a sound decision.

Pneumacon rents out powerful and high-quality RAD torque wrenches for professional use. Torque wrenches are easy to use so it is always easy to set the right torque for any task. RAD’s torque wrenches have excellent battery life, and they are provided serviced and inspected. Read more about renting a torque wrench here.

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